January 13, 2017

There are may obstacles that you'll encounter if you decide to renovate an old home. This was our first encounter with bees, lots of bees. Our to be master suite, which we refer to as the murder room (it would make a great set for a murder scene on any police drama) had some bees. Theses bees were swarming around one of the windows on the south side room. Picture a horror film that a murder had taken place then throw in some swarming bees. 


Our first thought was to get some powerful insect/bee/wasp killer and and really show em' what's what. But the world needs more bees. Our new mission to save these creatures brought us to and Al's voicemail "I can't answer my phone right now because I'm teaching children about the honey bee." We knew this was the guy. 

Al shows up with a large classy Euro style van, with the typical things needed to round up some bees. The man is fearless, he enters the murder room with no bee suit and puts his ear to the wall. We reluctantly do the same because Al made it seem safe to do so. It sounds like the roar of jet engine in there, thousands of bees moving around. He asks if he can cut into the wall, Cari and I just laugh and he goes right for the window with the swarming bees. 


We come back to the room less than hour later and Al has opened up the entire wall exposing the nest. He has began sucking the bees out with a special vacuum so they can be brought to pollinate and make honey somewhere. He shows us the queen and provides a detailed explanation about the lives of bees and how they operate. Best of all he gives us honey on the comb right out out of our wall, absolutely delicious. Al then explains that in order to keep our honey bees from returning we need to spray the entire are with white oil-based primer, then hit it insect repellant and finish it with batts of pink insulation. Seven months later I had taken the insulation off to gut the room, but the bees never returned. 


If you've got bees call Al Salopek at 561-346-1739. 





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January 13, 2017

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